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Tales of a Desperate Houseboy

Written and Directed by Dezza Reeko Studios

I am a very eclectic person and I am a very diverse person in many aspects: my taste in music, guys, people in general, movies, hobbies/habits/personality. For example - I would say I have an equal interest in the Arts and desire to do/learn about them, and also find Maths and Science fascinating and interesting. In short: very eclectic.

I don't think I need to put much more into this. You can see from what I've got above in my interests box what I am all about. Cya on the site ppl!!!

P.S. --- I have put some odd and wierd things in my interests on purpose... I want to see if it is hyperlinked (y'know - if anyone else on the internet also lists it as an interest!) I also hope the interests aren't case sensitive... :|